Which lead do I buy?

Great reasons why not to buy a Retractable..
Leash is probably not a good word to describe the thin cord used in retractable leashes. The real purpose of a leash is to keep your animal safe and under control, retractable leashes do not do this.
There are many reasons not to consider a retractable, your animal can get far enough away from you to get into harms way.
They are counter productive to training your dog to walk politely on a lead beside you or just in front of you.
Many dogs have had bad injuries with the sudden jerk on their neck that occurs when you run out of leash such as neck wounds, lacerated tracheas injuries to the spine.
Retractable devices allow dogs to pull on the end of them which can look like aggression to another dog.
Dogs learn to pull on a retractable as they then learn that pulling extends the lead.
If your dog is well trained and well mannered and smart enough to master a regular lead then there is nothing better than having your pooch under control and walking beside you.

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Rope leads are not great either as they are generally too long and will stretch over time.
Dogs need to learn not to pull, by using a conventional lead no longer than approximately 112cm you will teach your pet to walk with you and you will enjoy them. There’s a great selection of quality leather leads at Louis and Phoebe that will be strong enough if your dog does decide to pull and it will last for years. They all have cushioned handles for comfort. All of our leads have matching collars.
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If you are unsure of what to buy – contact us via our website we are always available for some friendly advice.
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